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Carpet Defoamer


Chemspec® Liquid Defoamer - Gal.

Eliminated foam buildup in the recovery tanks of portable or truck mount extraction machines as well as rotary extraction, foam and wet vacuums.

Alternate #LD4G
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Diversey Liquid Defoamer - 32 oz.

Liquid defoamer stops the buildup of foam in the recovery tank, increases worker productivity and protects the extractor motor from damage. Can be used to control foam in autoscrubbers. Note: Do not use in machine solution tank.

Alternate #5002620
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Spartan Defoamer - Gal.

Stable, white emulsion eliminates foam in recovery tanks of hot and cold water soil extractors, automatic shampooing equipment and floor scrubbers. Dilution: Straight; Will not harm equipment. pH 9.4; Non-corrosive. Phosphate free.

Alternate #3024
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