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High Access Cleaning


Unger® Cone Adapter

Tools lock into specially designed grooves in cone. Features a standard Acme thread and made of heavy-duty hard plastic. Green.

Alternate #NCA00
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Unger® ErgoTec® Locking Cone

Prevents select Unger tools from pulling off the telescopic pole. Securely locks onto pole. Compatible with all Unger extension poles. Fast tool change with quick-release button.

Alternate #NCAN0
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Unger® Fixi-Clamp

Plastic clamp for attaching tools like brushes, sponges, cloths and other tools. Firmly holds sponge, microfiber cloths and other tools. Slots provided to insert Handi-Brush. Fits onto telescopic pole.

Alternate #FIXI0
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Unger® Flood Sucker Bulb Changer

For changing floodlights and other flat light bulbs. Features suction cups that attach bulb. Fully insulated. Faster and safer than using a ladder.

Alternate #FS000
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Unger® Plastic Cranked Joint Angle Adapter

Adjusts tools to clean at any angle-up to 300°. Perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach places. Attaches directly onto pole. Squeegees, washers, etc. quickly attach.

Alternate #CJN00
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Unger® OptiLoc™ 2 & 3 Section Extension Poles

ErgoTec® locking cone is standard on all OptiLock® poles. Solid, lightweight telescopic poles manufactured from extruded aluminum. Easy locking mechanisms secure poles at desired length. Makes easy cleaning of hard to reach areas. Available in two and three section.

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Unger® Soot Master Sponge

Perfect for cleanup after fire or smoke damage. Dry sponge absorbs dust and soot particles. Easy to rinse. Can be cut, if smaller size is required. Rinsable rubber material. 2" x 3" x 6".

Alternate #SP060
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Unger® Sticky Fingers Bulb Changer

Easily change light bulbs safely from the ground. Rubber-coated spring steel fingers offer quality turning power. Adjusts to fit various-shaped bulbs. Snaps onto pole for changing bulbs in high-access areas. Use with CFL bulbs.

Alternate #BS010
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Unger® The Bebbe

Safely remove broken light bulb base from socket. Fully insulated. Complete with plastic tray for catching broken bulb pieces.

Alternate #BEBE0
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Unger® The Sponge

Use with Fixi-Clamp (FIXI0).

Alternate #SP010
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Unger® Threaded Wood Cone Adapter

Wood cone adapter for attaching tools. Features an internal ACME thread. Pressure fitted.

Alternate #TWA00
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