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Ice Melter


DAWNCHEM White Out Ice Melt Remover & Floor Neutralizer

An all-purpose cleaner used to condition floors and remove ice melt residue, hard-water build-up, and soap haze from all surfaces. Designed to dissolve all ice melt chlorides. Also scum, scale, and other organic residues. Highly concentrated and economical to use. Qt.,12 per case.

Alternate #D-WHITE-32
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DawnMelt Premium Deicer - 50 lb.

Each granule is encapsulated by liquid magnesium chloride for fast-acting, environmentally friendly ice control. Corroision inhibitor reduces damage to metal surfaces. Effective in cold temperatures; melts ice down to 0° F.

Alternate #D-MELT
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Scotwood Industrial Strength Ice Melt - 50 lb. Bag

A blend that contains calcium and magnesium chloride pellets. Melts effectively to -15 degrees Farhenheit. Does not track. Odorless and colorless. Begins melting immediately upon impact. Generates melting heat fast. Needs fewer applications than rock salt.

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