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Metered Dispensers/Refills


Big D® 757 Light-Activated Metered Dispenser

Light activated, this dispenser can be programmed to turn off when there is no light in the room. Indicator light tells you when batteries need replacing. Covers 6,000 cubic feet.

Alternate #757
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Big D® Metered Concentrated Room Deodorant

Contains Big D odor counteractants that neutralize odors rather than mask them. The uniform actuator valve enables this canister to be used in most metered aerosol dispensers. Big D's metered products are environmentally compatible with all state governmental regulations, including California. Effectively deodorizes a 6,000 cubic foot area. Each 7 ounce can contains approximately 3,400 metered sprays. For use in restroom, schools, hospitality, food service, property management.

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TC® Linen Fresh™ Aerosol Air Neutralizer Refills

Provides odor control through our proprietary Microtrans® technology. Traditional air fresheners only camouflage malodors. Technical Concepts TC Air Neutralizers with Microtrans® blend chemistry and physics that lock onto malodor molecules transforming them into a neutral base that eliminates that "unavoidable odors" in the restroom. Then TC adds a clean fresh hygienic scent, the signature of a clean, safe and comfortable restroom. TC Air Neutralizers do not contain CFC's.

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